Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson, Chair of the Eddie Mae Herron Center Board

As a child who grew up in the Randolph Community in the 50s and 60s, I am pleased to expound on the importance of the Eddie Mae Herron Center. This center is to serve as a platform to increase the infusion of African American history and culture in Randolph County, a way to develop the belief of the value of our people. We are hopeful that this center will allow this community the opportunity to embrace the concept of African American contributions to American society. It is through centers such as this that racial healing, respect and understanding will be realized.

For many, the story of the African American people in Randolph County has been hidden or distorted. The children of this community have only been educated on the dominant culture and have learned very little about the cultures of other people who have helped build this country we call America. While the African American experience was different, it did not mean that it was a tragedy. Far too often, historians and other social scientists focus on the negative victimization of blacks, showing them as responders rather than as leaders. On the contrary, African Americans were and are leaders, making numerous contributions to their own development, as well as helping to transform America. We are in hopes that this center will be a challenge for others to learn more about African American history.

Pat Johnson,

Chair, Eddie Mae Center Board

Leader of Preservation of Eddie Mae Herron Center