The Eddie Mae Herron Center’s Annual Hog Butchering will take place Saturday, February 8th at 9am at the Center at 1708 Archer Street in Pocahontas, AR

Every year, the Eddie Mae Herron Center holds a “Hog Butchering Demonstration” for the community.

Those of you who grew up in the rural South may remember back in the day. As soon as the weather turned cold, several men folk of the family would gather on a frosty morning at whoever’s farm was doing the killing that day to help. After scalding the hog, the kids’ job was to scrape the hair off; the grown men did the heavy lifting and cutting; the women made sausage and rendered the lard.


Afterwards, we’ll all have lunch together with some of the freshly made sausage.


The Center strives to preserve and recreate these traditional experiences for our friends, neighbors and supporters.This is a great community event that allows “the younger ones” to experience where their food comes from and allows “the older ones” to come together and reminisce about their youth.


We are pleased to invite the community to the center for this educational event.  All are welcome!

For more information call the Center at 870-892-4433