Carter G. Woodson

Black History Month celebration of achievements of African-Americans and the recognition of African-Americans and their role in U.S. history. Black history month was originally know as, “Negro History Week,” founded by Carter G. Woodson. In 1976, the month of February has been designated as Black History Month.  Along with the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom also celebrate Black History Month.

Carter G. Woodson found that while in school his history books were void of the history of the black American population and when they were present they were portrayed in inferior positions. Woodson decided he would write African Americans into U.S. history. He established the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History in 1915.

In 1926, Negro History Week was bought about to the attention of the nation to show the  contributions of black people throughout American history. The second week of February was chosen because it marks the birthdays of, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, both were influential in African-American history.

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